Deschutes River Spring Trout Fishing
A must for the avid fly fisherman

Mid May begins our Spring Deschutes Trout trips. We offer these trips from mid May through July. At this time the large trout are in close to shore feeding on the many varieties of fly hatches occurring in the spring and early summer.

We offer a 3 day 2 nights and a 4 day 3 nights camping trip, fly fishing for Native Rainbow Trout. This drift trip is approximately 35 miles long starting at Trout Creek 20 miles from Madras, Oregon and ending just above Maupin, Oregon.

In this section, the Deschutes River flows about 42 hundred cubic feet per second. It is quite deep and fast holding large numbers of strong native trout. There is a state law prohibiting fishing from any floating device, so all of our fishing is done by wading the brushy shorelines and riffles. This can be quite difficult at times and creates a challenge to even the most experienced fisherman. The Deschutes is a blue ribbon trout stream. There is a two fish slot limit. Fish must be between 10 and 13 inches to be kept, the idea is to let the larger fish reproduce and create a trophy trout stream. In the 20 years I have been fishing the Deschutes I have personally seen big changes in the numbers and size of the trout.

We float the Deschutes in McKenzie River drift boats and use a large raft to haul our camp. The cargo raft goes out ahead to prepare our camp and have everything ready when we arrive in the evening. We provide large spacious tents, sleeping cots, lounge chairs and even a hot shower. The best in meals will be prepared for you. We specialize in outdoor camp cooking. Our meals consist of Dutch oven baked breads, grilled meats, fresh tossed salads and a variety of fresh vegetables. We have a good supply of drinking cocktail ice and some soft drinks. If you prefer beer you should bring your own in cans only please. Any liquor and mix should be combined in one case box.

The Deschutes is one of the last streams in the Northwest where one can drift along clear, unpolluted waters. Relax and enjoy the beautiful scenery birds and wildlife and best of all have the opportunity to catch one of nature’s Native Rainbow Trout. This is a great trip for the true sports enthusiast.


Deschutes River Spring Trout Fishing
When Trips Run Location
May - July Deschutes River near Madras
Trip Type Cost Per Person
3 day / 3 per boat - 9 guests CALL
3 day / 2 per boat - 8 guests CALL
3 day / 2 per boat - 6 guests CALL
4 day / 3 per boat CALL
4 day / 2 per boat CALL

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