Rogue River White Water Wilderness Rafting

We guarantee you will enjoy our three day, two night white water wilderness rafting trips. They have proven to be a hit for the entire family, groups of friends and corporate outings.

Rafting the Rogue is both as adventurous
As it is rewardingly beautiful. The rivers class II, II, IV white water is well reputed as being among the nation’s best. Yet the rafting is only part of the enjoyment. The Rogue River offer a special wilderness experience that is truly first rate.

Your Rogue River trip begins at Graves Creek and ends 3 days, 2 nights and 38 miles later after numerous memorable adventures at Foster Bar. Our trips take you through 32 miles of federally protected Wild & Scenic Rogue River Canyon.

In 1976 the Rogue River was the first river entered into an act of congress called “The Wild and Scenic Rivers Act of 1968” This act was aimed at protecting and preserving the present state of the Rouge River and since then there has been no building or development. To protect against crowding the Rogue River can only be accessed by obtaining a permit. These laws have allowed the Rogue River to remain unchanged with its scenic beauty undiminished.

We raft the Rogue during the months of July and August. At this time of year you can count on warm weather with temperatures ranging from 85 to 95. Also, the Rogue River water levels are favorable for rafting making the class II, III, IV white water exciting and safe. Don’t worry if the weather is too warm the Rogue River water temperatures average 65 to 74 degrees, making the Rogue a perfect temperature for swimming. The Rogue River is a drop pool river, so after every rapid there is a pool before the next surge of excitement.

Between rapids as well as the beautiful scenery you will see all kinds of birds from Osprey, wild turkey, numerous hawks to Bald Eagles perched above watching over all. There are also abundant animal life turtles, playful otters, mink, and deer and if you’re lucky you may even see black bear fishing along the Rogue River.

There are numerous side hikes, swimming in a creek where gold miners once panned for gold or try panning for yourself. Walk up to Zane Grey’s cabin (the author of the Rogue River Feud and other western novels), visit the historical Rogue River Ranch Museum, swim lower Mule Creek canyon and enjoy hot rock therapy at the pick-up beach or slide down a natural water slide into a placid pool.

The Rogue River is an amazingly rewarding trip for all ages. A guest once said “This is the best multi- generational vacation we have ever been on” Whether your 8 or 80 you will fully enjoy this beautiful Rogue River trip, there is sensational beauty around every corner, exciting white water, side hikes, and our guides know how to cater the Rogue River to each and every guest.

Rogue River Outfitters is a second generation family owned and operated outfitting business. We take great pride in all our Rogue trips. All of our guides are full time and have many years of experience boating the Rogue River and other Oregon, Washington and California rivers. Our equipment is the best on the market and it is professionally maintained.

We offer Double Lodge trips, Camp Combo Trips and Double Camp Trips.  Availability changes daily, so please call to confirm any of the dates above.  For longer trip availability please call. 

Rogue River White Water Wilderness Rafting
When Trips Run Rafting Option
July and August Guided/Kayak/Boat
Trip Type Cost Per Person
Lodge to Lodge CALL
Camp to Lodge Combo CALL
Camp to Camp CALL
4 Day Trip CALL

Please note that we gladly accept Visa and MasterCard’s, we do however charge a 4% transaction fee on all cards. Before taking your card number you will be advised of this fee up front.


On every Rogue River Outfitters trip you will have three options for getting down the river. Sit back, relax and be guided down the Rogue River.

“Queen Mary” This is an 18’ long self-bailing Sotar raft. The Queen has two bench seats and can safely and comfortably accommodate 1 to 6 guests and the guide. If you’re a bit on the nervous side or just want to relax or soak up some sun, the Queen Mary might be what you are looking for.

Are you more of a team player, then the paddle boat or paddle assist would be more your style?  Our paddle boats are 14’ self-bailing Sotar rafts. Since the paddle boat is smaller it is also a bit sportier. It can accommodate up to 7 guests and one guide. The guest all sit on the side of the raft each guest has a paddle. The guide give instructions and everyone works as a team, this raft is my personal favorite.

If you are a one on one person, then you’ll want a one person self-bailing kayak. These kayaks are 12’ long and are self bailing. They comfortably accommodate 1 adult or an adult and a small person. In these kayaks it’s you and the rapids we give you the line then it’s all you. These kayaks are a favorite on all trips.

We recommend a combination of each raft, the Queen Mary, paddle boat and inflatable kayaks.


RRO offers many options for your Rogue River trip.  You can choose from a 2 to 5 day length of trip.  You can choose lodges, camping or a combination of each.

RRO offers you three options for your overnight accommodations. 

  •  Lodge trips- there are a couple of beautiful rustic lodges that are tastefully located in the wild and scenic Rogue canyon.  These lodges offer first class accommodations, with beautiful grounds, comfortable cabin, hot shower, good beds and hearty meals.  The lodges we stay at are Black Bar Lodge and Paradise Lodge.

Camp trip

If you don’t mind a sleeping bag and love to be on the river bank then you want a camp trip.  It’s not really roughing it.  We set up a first rate camp.  You can sleep under the starts or choose a tent that will be set up for you.  Sleeping pads are provided; cots and sleeping bags are available upon request and a fee.   We provide comfortable chairs, bond fire (if in season) and serve a family style dinner and breakfast.   

In the morning and evenings the guides turn into gourmet chief’s preparing all the meals and cleaning up after.  On all our camping trips we have atleast one raft that carries all camp equipment and prepares our camp

Camp/Lodge trips

Yes that is right the best of both worlds.  You can camp one or two nights.  Enjoy the sound of the river, stars, good food, then go to a lodge and enjoy all the comforts that the lodge has to offer.


Day 1

This will be approximately 11 mile day lodging and 13 mile day if we camp.  Three day trip itinerary on longer trips the pace is simple slow a bit. 

  • We meet at Argo at 9:30am.  You will at this time meet your guides, finish packing your water bags, get fitted for a life jacket and have a short safety speech.  We are in our rafts by 10:00 and having fun.
  • At 12:30pm after a fun morning we pull into Little Doe Creek for our first shore lunch.  On all trips your guide will prepare a gourmet deli style lunch, which includes a variety of sandwich fixings; meats, cheese, homemade salads, jell-o, cakes and cookies.
  • By 2:00pm we are back in the rafts for a very exciting afternoon on the river. Our next stop is Howard Creek or maybe Big Windy Creek two beautiful swimming pools.
  • If you chose a lodge trip our first night will be at Black bar Lodge.  Black Bar is a quaint lodge nestled in the trees out of view of the river.  Just the setting you would imagine for a wilderness lodge.  We will arrive about 5pm.
  • If your on a camp trip, Horse Shoe Bend or Telegraph Bar will our first nights camp.  We arrive to a completely prepared camp about 5pm


  • After a hearty breakfast at Black Bar we prepare for the best day on the river.  15 miles in the heart of the Wild and Scenic section.  We leave the lodge about 9:30am
  • After a great dinner and a wonderful night under the stars we’ll have a hearty breakfast.  Once the guides break camp we will hit the river about 10:00am for the best day on the Rogue River.
  • After many rapids, Zane Grey’s cabin, swimming through lower Kelsey Canyon and other possible side hikes we arrive once again around 12:30pm for day two’s lunch at Missouri Creek.
  • Now that your lunch has settled we can stop at the jumping rock.  It’s a rock for all comers; 5’, 10’, and 15’ feet landing in a deep pool.  Next is the surf wave a play hole the rafts and kayaks can enjoy.
  • We’ve just gone through China Bar and passed Mule Creek Museum, now it’s time for my favorite part of our trip.  Mule Creek Canyon, our swim and Blossom Bar.
  • After the famous Mule Creek swim we will enjoy hot rock therapy, just above Blossom Bar rapids.
  • After Blossom Bar one more rapid to swim, the Lower Stair, then it is off to Paradise Lodge, where we will arrive about 5:00pm
  • Paradise Lodge sits just above the river.  From the deck you can watch the river peacefully flow by.  From your beautiful rooms you will have a great view of the Devils Backbone.  There is a lot to see and do at Paradise Lodge.
  • If we are camping, just below Paradise Lodge is Half Moon Bar camp.  It’s a beautiful place to spend our second night under the stars.


  • After a great night and a wonderful breakfast whether at camp or at the lodge we are back in the boats at 9:30am.  We have 12 miles today and the funs not over yet.  Our first rapid is the Devils Back Bone then comes the peace and quite of Huggins Canyon.
  • Tate Creek slide is a great side hike but it is a class 3 hike and not for everyone.
  • Clay Hill still waters, this is where the trip starts to whine down and about 2 hours and one more lunch left before we hit our take out location Foster Bar at 2:30pm. 

In my option a 3 day 2 night trip is perfect.  A 3 day trips has a nice easy pace, keeping the trip active but leaving plenty of time for activities.  If you want more time on the river we do offer 4 and 5 day trips, this gives more time for side hikes and exploring.  Rogue River Outfitters does it’s best to cater each and every trip to our guest.  Example: A group of 20 year olds may not enjoy the Rogue River Ranch Museum but they will like Tate Creek slide.

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